Why Learn Kanban With Us?

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Real Experience

Who would you like your Agile Kanban teacher to be? Someone with just book knowledge, or a fellow who attended one or two classes himself?

The right Agile Coach is critical to getting Agile to work for you. We are not just a team with theoretical knowledge. We have been using, implementing, adapting and improving on Agile and Kanban methods for over a decade.

Our classes are not written by a professor far away in his ivory tower, but by people who have been in the trenches: developers, IT managers, project managers, QA testers and product owners. We teach you what works, what we ourselves have used successfully in our IT projects. And even better, when you ask us in our classes about your challenges and difficulties you face we can relate, understand, and answer you with the secrets we have learned along the way of to deliver software and IT solutions.

But we don’t just stop there. AgileLion Institute believes that in order to bring you the best possible Agile Kanban education we need to keep using it ourselves. And we do! This website was developed using our Agile Kanban Methodology by the same team that delivers our courses. And in case you haven’t noticed yet, it runs on a Drupal 7 Content Management System, over a Cloud platform, with Responsive Design CSS to work on your iPad, iPhone or mobile device. We don’t just have a passion for Agile Kanban, we have a passion for technology and software development too.

Agile Coach

Pragmatic Approach to Agile Kanban

There are many ways to teach and coach on Agile Kanban. One approach is to give you a cramming session of knowledge over several days, with the hope that some of it will remain in your head, and you will be able to use the concepts. Of course that translates into courses that demand days to get to the bottom of things. Kanban is a unique, powerful method and tool that embodies a vast amount of knowledge. Agile is also a vast area. One could spend weeks to discover what pieces apply to your Software or IT needs. But should you?

Learning theory research has shown that too much information to learn anything is a mistake; it leads to Cognitive Overload or an inability to comprehend and absorb the information. It’s better to get focused, relevant information for our job or learning objectives. Less is more!

Thinking of this fact, and of the real needs of software and IT people we have created a Pragmatic Approach to teaching Agile Kanban. We give you the best, most relevant knowledge for IT and Software Development from the vast field of Kanban and Agile. This results in classes that are more useful, more focused and easy to remember. That way once you finish our training it will be easy for you to apply this knowledge to get your business to be Agile with Agile Kanban!

Pragmatic also means being able to address any situation. Our classes incorporate practical Q&A sessions, and Agile simulations where you can ask us how to get from wherever you are (PMO, Waterfall, Iterative, Scrum, etc.) to the land of productive Agile and Lean.

Informal, Engaging, Fun Agile Coaches - AgileLion Institute

Informal, Engaging, Fun Agile Coaches

What kind of the Agile Coach would you like to have while learning Agile Kanban? One who doesn’t explain much, races through his presentation slides, and reminds you of a boring lecture? Of course not! We believe knowledge and training should be engaging, interesting and dare we say it, fun! That is why our Agile Coaches have an informal, conversational, approachable style in all our classes. And also that is why we strive to deliver valuable, interesting, relevant, non-boring Agile Kanban information in all our class materials.

However we don’t stop there, to learn students need to be engaged, they need to practice what they learned, and they need to participate individually and as a group. To achieve this we include several activities in our courses: - Fun games to interact and grasp the concepts - Simulations and group exercise to practice what you learned - Spontaneous discussions and questions about the material - Scheduled Q&A Sessions to clear any doubts and learn how to apply Agile Kanban to your circumstances

We believe that this is how learning should be! We believe that you as our student should receive the best learning experience!

Global Reach - AgileLion Institute

Affordable Prices and Global Reach

There is a Kanban foundational principle called: Value. Organizations should deliver and strive to create value for their customers.

We also have a vision to spread our Kanban Ace to as many people as possible. We believe this is a good dream, because it is a method that can improve the lives and productivity of thousands of businesses worldwide.

Therefore our prices reflect this; we aim for affordability and the best possible training. We call it training with heart.

Unlike other training providers we have specialize on LIVE online training, not a recording, but a live class where you can ask questions to the teacher anytime. In addition we provide you with full videos from your class, class slides, and certificates and premium exclusive content through Lion Pass.

Moreover we also are interested in having on-location classes around the world, if you would like to help us organize a class in your city, just let us know.

Passion for Agile - AgileLion Institute

Innovators and Thought Leaders for a Better World

IT and Software Development are a wonderful, but simultaneously tough field. As people who have been in the industry for decades we know full well of the 70 hour work weeks, the crazy deadlines, the clue less plans, and the exhaustion and frustration that can come when things don’t work, or fail at the marketplace.

For years we believed there must be a better way. One where plans make sense, where people can work at a sustainable pace, where QA is nothing to be scared of, where customers and management gets it, and is happy to see results! And guess what, this dream is possible. By combining the best ideas and knowledge of Agile, Kanban and Lean with our experience and abilities we have found a way to deliver on this vision. That is why we created Open Kanban, the first fully open source Kanban method that can be used by anyone free of charge. And Kanban Ace, our exclusive, Open Kanban based method that provides additional value for IT, Software Development and Innovative businesses anywhere.

We know Open Kanban and Kanban Ace work, we see it deliver results every day, it’s in our blood. And when you have this good news within you, it can’t stay with you, it has to go and touch all those wonderful people in IT and business who ought to hear about it. That is why we are in the teaching business, because we know for sure Open Kanban, and Kanban Ace work! We are passionate about it because we know, for sure, it is the real deal.