Testimonials from Our Kanban Ace Students

Sunish Chabba, Agile Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Certified Kanban Ace (CKA).

Sunish Chabba Photo

"With its innovative approach of online and offline delivery of teaching and coaching Kanban, AgileLion has set an unprecedented example in front of others providing similar trainings. In the era where Coursera, Udemy are changing the paradigms of education, AgileLion is going on a set path to unsettle well-known names in Agile training and coaching. I had attended the Kanban Ace and open Kanban course, and I was skeptical of the online delivery as this was my first virtual course. Joseph and Anna provided the required support throughout the course and with the sprinkling of live exercises, discussions and tasks, it has become one of the most memorable learning experience in the last few years, notably because I had not thought that an online course can be delivered that beautifully.

If you're into Agile Consulting or Coaching or just a beginner starting with Agile or Lean, do not MISS this course or even if you don't have any relation with Agile or Lean and you're a trainer and want to learn or understand how to deliver a course online in an innovative way, please do attend this course."


Jon JorgensenJon Jorgensen, CPF, PMP, CSM, SP, CSSBB, Certified Kanban Ace (CKA).

"The Kanban Ace class offered by AgileLion is a uniquely insightful opportunity to understand the core elements of Lean, System Thinking, Agile, Kanban and the software development process.  By providing these ideas in the context of their origins, which Joseph Hurtado documents & encapsulates in the course masterfully well, there is plethora of useful tools that course participants can avail themselves of for work and wellbeing.

Be they job seekers, software developers, project managers, inventors or entrepreneurs in small to large organizations, scaling from Lean Startups to blue chip behemoths...these practices lead to greater transparency, predictability, quality and earlier delivery of greater value at reduced risk.  What more could you ask for...or even wish for?  Start your life-long learning journey now."


Walid Farag - CKAWalid Farag, Agile in Classic - Hybrid Adoption: http://valuecourse.net, Certified Kanban Ace (CKA).

"This Certified Kanban Ace Coach course enabled me to apply Open Kanban and Kanban Ace values and practices intensively. I have never had similar intensive practice in a course.

The business case is well defined and simulates a real life software development project. It provides a good start to defining the development flow/steps. It starts from getting requirements from marketing until deployment in production.

The business case itself is about a modern mobile application, which let the mini project even more interesting. The case gives room for the definition of the architecture and technology of the solution.

I have recognized the high level of passion and nice coaching style of the trainers clearly and very early in the course. Joseph and Annita are excellent trainers and IT experts.

During the course I submitted 5+ solutions. I always received prompt feedback, which helped me to improve the solution and consider missing parts. The goal was to provide a simulation and monitoring for the development status until the end of the project.

After the course I have the feeling that I experienced a real Kanban Ace project. No other result of any course in my life is comparable to this result."