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Why Drupal is an Agile CMS?

Recently I was reading the article "Why Choose Drupal" written by Steve Cowie, Operations Director of Code Enigma and noticed one of the reasons he chose Drupal as a software platform was the "gradual, Japanese Kaizen style" of the platform.

22% of Drupal Sites Are in the List of Most Influential Sites on the Web

There are lots of sites powered by Drupal. But how to find them? Druvision blog article will tell you about it.

Staying on Top of Social Networks - Mobile-friendly Drupal Integration Essentials

A Drupal site is a great asset for marketing managers, as it allows for flexible display of your content and aggregation of information from various sources. But how to effectively communicate your activity in the top social networks (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, and others) with minimal time investment? Read more here

Free Drupal 7 Responsive themes

In our highly developed and quickly changing technology world it is very necessary to be Mobile. That is why our first article is dedicated to the Free Drupal 7 themes that will allow your own website be Mobile and easy to see in all the modern devices: from PC to tablet and smartphones! AgileLion Logic provides services in creating Mobile compatible websites, as well as other Drupal website development services.

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