Success and Proper Timing Go Hand in Hand

“Success and proper timing go hand in hand. In war, in love, in business those that act at the right time win. And yes that also takes guts!”

By Joseph Hurtado

Two challenges however will face you on your road to action: Confusion and Fear. The first one makes it difficult to see the signs and recognize the trends or discern the truth; the latter stops you cold, with images of defeat.

It Is Wise to Look Ahead

It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.

By Winston Churchill. In Project Management this is a rule, and the consequence to this rule is that the further into the future we try to plan, the less reliable plans become.

However we still must plan! How can we solve this paradox? The answer lies in Agile Methodologies, particularly Lean Kanban. I will explore this subject in the near future.

Focus as One of the Most Powerful Principles in Business

“Focus, by itself, is one of the most powerful principles in business, period… And it’s especially powerful if your competitors are not focused.”

Joel Bomgar. More words of wisdom.

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