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Best Startup Tools


This list tries to summarize in one place the most useful tools for Startups and Entrepreneurs we have found. It has a particular emphasis on Agile and Lean Startup tools. Feel free to give us your comments and suggestions, by reaching out to us via our contact page.

Pre-Launch Website

These solution allow you to have a nice and useful website before you even launch your real app or business online.


Staying on Top of Social Networks - Mobile-friendly Drupal Integration Essentials

A Drupal site is a great asset for marketing managers, as it allows for flexible display of your content and aggregation of information from various sources. But how to effectively communicate your activity in the top social networks (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, and others) with minimal time investment? Read more here

10 Rules for Business Success

Loïc Le Meur’s 10 Rules for Business Success, from the great piece Chris Nutall wrote for the Financial Times. Some do sound counter-intuitive, that makes them even more interesting. So read, and THINK before you do them.

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