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Agile 2.0: Embracing Lean and the Rise of Ultra Light Methods

Agile 2.0: The Ultra-Light Revolution. Lean and Kanban methods

The Essence of Agile

Over 12 years ago the single most important event in recent software development history took place: the birth of the Agile Movement, and the publishing of the Agile Manifesto.

Agile Kanban: Fly Different

Kanban: Fly Different - An Introduction.

Several people have asked me to explain the basics of Kanban’s Agile approach to Software Development. This presentation is a simple, straight forward, fun way to get what Kanban is all about. Feel free to comment on it, or contribute for a future revision.

Kanban Is a Smart Agile Methodology

Out of all the Agile Project Management methodologies out there: Kanban is smart because it makes people think, it listens to them, and it leads to Continuous Improvement. It is not just a recipe.

Yours truly, inspired by the post of Al Shalloway.

It Is Wise to Look Ahead

It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.

By Winston Churchill. In Project Management this is a rule, and the consequence to this rule is that the further into the future we try to plan, the less reliable plans become.

However we still must plan! How can we solve this paradox? The answer lies in Agile Methodologies, particularly Lean Kanban. I will explore this subject in the near future.

Rails Maturity Model - Do We Need it?

Recently some notable people from the Rails community like Obie Fernandez and his company HashRocket introduced a concept called the Rails Maturity Model. A good friend, Rob Bazinet wrote a very good 

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