The Open Kanban Guide is Coming! Our Writing Salute to Nanowrimo

Writing - Fountain pen

Few yearly events inspire me to write more than National Novel Writing Month or Nanowrimo. A global event that motivates writers everywhere to defy the odds and write 50,000 words to deliver a novel in a month.

I wanted to seize this opportunity to improve our Open Kanban method documentation, from the current version to one that would enable anyone to start using Open Kanban after reading it. It gives me great pleasure to announce that we are about to start writing the Open Kanban Guide! Scrum already has one; it’s time Open Kanban got one too!

Just in case you haven’t heard yet, Open Kanban is a method that allows anyone, or any organization to become far more effective in their projects or daily work. It is ideally suited for IT and software development, but it can also be used by any team to deliver value.

As part of this writing effort, I would also like to show you how to use Open Kanban for a real project, so I will document the writing effort, and show how Open Kanban can even be used by individuals, writers or creatives anywhere.

At the end of our journey, you will not just have our official Open Kanban Guide but a behind the scenes look at using Open Kanban for a real writing project, something quite fitting for Nanowrimo month!

Joseph Hurtado
Founder AgileLion Institute
Kanban Ace Coach and Author of Open Kanban
Image Credit by Joel Montes, Creative Commons License CC BY.