Lion Pass Membership

What is Lion Pass?

Lion Pass Membership - Door ImageLion Pass in an exclusive feature for all of our students. It’s a members only website where you can get all your class material and much more!

Why we created Lion Pass Membership?

Two reasons: first to give our students easy access to their course material, and second to create a community of Agile Kanban Learners.

What are the benefits of being a Lion Pass member?

  • Access 24x7. After you join any of our courses you will receive all of your class materials. They are available on your private Lion pass, and you can download them anytime, or read them from there anytime.
  • Videos from all your classes. Couldn't make it on time for a class, didn't understand a concept very well. Don't worry after the class ends, every session, every class will be posted online for you to watch the class again and review the material.
  • Travel Light. Forget those large binders with hundreds of pages of material to carry with you. Our course is in PDF format, easy to read anywhere including your iPad, Mac or PC. And yes you can print it too!
  • Enhance your Reputation. Lion Pass members get a private and a public profile where they can show their credentials. On your public profile page you can display your certificate of completion, or your Kanban Ace certification to confirm your expertise to any employer, or friend.
  • Keep up to date. Get the most recent, and useful Agile Kanban information and articles from us, and from leading people in the Open Kanban, and Kanban Ace community.
  • One year of support. After you take a class with you, you can keep in contact with your Coaches anytime through Lion Pass. We don't leave you alone, we have your back.

How can I join Lion Pass?

It’s very easy: just register for any of our upcoming classes and you will automatically get membership to Lion Pass. It is absolutely free for all our students!