Best Drupal Websites 2012

People who try to follow all modern tendencies on the market of web design and development should have definitely noticed that sites made with Drupal are becoming more and more popular.

The reasons of such phenomenon are quite obvious:

  • First of all, sites built with Drupal allow their owners to place any kind of content they want (it may include texts, videos, podcasts, real-time statistics, blogs etc.)
  • Secondly, as this software is developed by the community of users, it won’t be a big deal for anyone to find out how to build a website with Drupal. It is widely used for the creation of absolutely different websites all over the net, starting from one page personal sites and ending with multifunctional corporate ones.

Day by day the number of sites using Drupal greatly increases. We’d like to offer you a wide range of Drupal sites samples to help you to get the full notion of the topic we’re talking about. You may have a look at the selection of top Drupal sites here.