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This article is a Part IV of my upcoming book "Women in Project Management" So what should we do to be successful women project managers? First and most important is to remain feminine. Knowing that we are surrounded by men in our jobs, they would notice very fast that you are a real woman if you have traits of a fine lady: Kindness Ability to be joyful and positive-minded Devotion to the team and project Wisdom Ability to care Lighten the day... + read more
Recently Digett Company posted in their blog a very useful article with Testing Checklist for a Drupal website in it. It is a very handy list for everyone involved in Drupal website creation and release (launch) process: from developer and QA engineer to Project Manager. I fully agree with the writer of a post that the necessity of checking website is crucial and builds trust between you and your customer. In AgileLion Institute we provide Drupal website development services and... + read more
Recently I was reading the article "Why Choose Drupal" written by Steve Cowie, Operations Director of Code Enigma and noticed one of the reasons he chose Drupal as a software platform was the "gradual, Japanese Kaizen style" of the platform. This means Drupal's development style is highly Agile, he even points out that Saïd Business School, University of Oxford chose to use Drupal for building their website because of the following Drupal principles:... + read more
There are lots of sites powered by Drupal. But how to find them? Druvision blog article will tell you about it. One way is though google. Searching for inurl:"user/login" finds about 3,730,000 results, most of them are probably Drupal. Which of them are in English? Searching for inurl:"user/login" AND intitle:"User account" returns 1,030,000 results, which means more then a million are in English. Which are in the USA? Google Doesn't tell. To get more... + read more
People who try to follow all modern tendencies on the market of web design and development should have definitely noticed that sites made with Drupal are becoming more and more popular. The reasons of such phenomenon are quite obvious: First of all, sites built with Drupal allow their owners to place any kind of content they want (it may include texts, videos, podcasts, real-time statistics, blogs etc.) Secondly, as this software is developed by the community of users, it won... + read more


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