Free Webinar: Discover the power of Kanban!

Watch our one-hour Open Kanban Webinar video, and discover the power of Kanban; the next generation Agile and Lean method that can continuously improve your software development efforts, IT operations or any area of your business.


Our free Kanban Webinar Video will introduce you to Open Kanban, from an Agile perspective. Topics discussed include:

  • Kanban and the Next Generation of Agile Methods
  • What is Open Kanban?
  • Open Kanban Values
  • Open Kanban Practices
  • Open Kanban Boards in Action: Putting Kanban to work for your organization
  • Open Kanban Movement and Kanban Ace

The video session is taught by AgileLion Institute’s founder and Open Kanban author Joseph Hurtado; an IT professional with over 15 years of experience, over 10 of them with Agile methods including Kanban, XP and Scrum.

LENGTH: About one-hour.

WHEN. Anytime. 

WHERE. Anywhere worldwide. You only need an Internet connected PC, Mac or Tablet.

PRESENTATION SLIDES. Click here to see the slides of our Open Kanban webinar.

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