Kanban Ace Practitioner Class & Certification - Learn Online Anywhere Anytime

Kanban is the second generation of Agile & Lean. Kanban Ace is uniquely designed to enable you to improve all areas of your Software Development, IT, or Business. Our Kanban Ace class provides you with the latest Agile & Lean knowledge, tools and techniques to take you to the next level of productivity and performance for your team or organization.

Best of all unlike Scrum, Kanban Ace respects your company’s structure and processes, there is no need for new roles or changing your organization, rather you manage things better by visualizing them, focusing and improving continuously. However if you want to achieve Continous Releases, DevOps and improve an existing Scrum team you can also do so by using the Akashi Bridge. Kanban Ace is an effective way to manage your projects, programs and help you deliver software, products or services. Kanban Ace can scale from one team, to a whole company.

On-Demand and Online Advantages - Learn Anywhere, Anytime

  • Anywhere. Global access whether you are in London, New York, Rome, Munich, Paris, New Delhi, or Tokyo. No more worries about time zones or schedule conflicts. Learn from the comfort your favorite café, your home or even your workplace. Wherever there is an Internet connection you can watch and learn Kanban. The videos are delivered in HD quality worldwide.
  • Anytime. Learn at your own pace, once you register for our class you can start learning immediately, but if you need to take a break you can, and you can come back and continue learning.
  • Human Touch. Although the course is online, and based on videos, you get full access to the author, you can email your questions anytime during your class.
  • Lion Pass. This is our community, the place where you will receive the presentation slides for the whole class, access to the videos and email support from our instructors.
  • Affordable Expertise. We at AgileLion have been doing Agile for over a decade, and know Kanban, Scrum, XP and SAFe in depth. You get an experienced team, a quality course, for less than $100 with many options to choose. 


First we recommend Kanban Ace for IT and Technology professionals who want to go beyond Scrum, or use it in addition to Scrum, people such as: Project Managers, IT Architects, Development Leads, Developers, UX Designers, QA Managers, QA Analysts, and Sys Admins. It is a great way to achieve Agility in your team or organization, whether it is in Software Development, QA, Databases, Cloud or IT Operations.

Second Kanban Ace is a valuable method for Agile & Lean Coaches and Consultants who want to add Kanban to their toolbox, or even understand better how it can improve Scrum or play an important role in SAFe.

Third Kanban Ace is ideal for Innovative businesses or startups. It is especially suited for: Product Managers, Marketing Managers, VPs or Business Managers, Entrepreneurs and Innovators because it allows you to minimize work, while maximizing software and product delivery.

Moreover Kanban Ace can be used in Financial Institutions, Advertising, Manufacturing, HR or just about any business willing to try a better alternative to their usual methods of getting things done, and delivering value faster and with higher quality.


  • MASTERY. To understand and master the principles, techniques and tools of Open Kanban, the second-generation Agile and Lean method. Participants get the full Kanban Ace training, with all our material from our Training Workshops.
  • EXPERIENCE. AgileLion Institute has over 10 years of hands-on experience with Agile Development. We don’t just teach it, we use it every day. Learn more here.
  • IT FOCUS. Our course places special emphasis on the needs of Software Development and IT organizations. Our coaches have extensive experience in the whole Software Development Life Cycle as Development Managers, Project Managers, Product Managers and hands on developers.
  • EXCLUSIVE KNOW-HOW. Kanban MAP is our exclusive technique to do Agile Planning and Estimation. Kanban Gears is our advanced technique to improve your process significantly using Kanban, and Kanban Shield is our implementation safeguard to ensure your Agile Kanban initiative is welcome and remains a continuous success. Participants also get access to a full year of content on Lion Pass.
  • OPEN KANBAN. Kanban Ace is the first Open Kanban Method. It is brought to you by the authors of this open source Agile and Lean method themselves. Open Kanban has a vision to bring the best ideas about Kanban and productivity to a global community.
  • KANBAN ACE PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATE  After you watch all the classes, you are ready to take the Kanban Ace Practitioner test, once you pass it you would become a Certified Kanban Ace Practitioner, it would be a valuable addition to your resume, CV, LinkedIn page, personal blog or website.


If you would like your company to pay for your Kanban Ace class or certification, we can provide you with an invoice before or after the class. Please just fill in the form in our Contact page with the subjest "Request for an Invoice" and we will get back to you soon.


Part I - Agile and Lean Fundamentals

  • Teaching time: About 2 hours
  • The Japanese Connection
  • The Lean Movement
  • The Need for Agile
  • Agile Foundations and the Agile Movement
  • The Lean-Agile Body of Knowledge
  • Open Kanban, Agile 2.0 and Ultra Light Methods

Part II - Kanban Fundamentals

  • Teaching time: About 2 hours
  • Open Kanban Overview
  • Open Kanban Values
  • Understanding Open Kanban Practices
    • Visualize the Workflow
    • Lead Using a Team Approach
    • Reduce BASE (Batch Size of your Efforts)
    • Learn and Improve Continuously
  • Understanding Kanban Systems
  • How to use Kanban Boards
  • Recorded Open Kanban Practice using Kanban Board Software

Part III - Kanban Ace Advanced Techniques

  • Teaching time: About 2 hours
  • Advanced Kanban Ace Board Techniques
  • Kanban Ace Techniques for Release Management
  • Kanban Ace Techniques to Reduce BASE
  • MVP, MVR, MMFs, Epics and Stories
  • Kanban Ace MAP: Minimum Actionable Planning
  • Kanban Ace for Software Development
  • Kanban Ace Planning & Estimation
  • Kanban Ace Gears
  • Kanban Ace Metrics
  • Kanban Ace Shield: Keeping your Kanban Ace Implementation Healthy


7 PDUs, 7 PMI-ACP Contact hours if the student takes the optional Q&A session, otherwise 6 hours for both.


  • When does the course begin?
    • After you sign up you will receive a Lion Pass membership. It will include your user and password to access all the training material, which includes the videos and presentation slides. This usually takes less than 24 hours. After that you can start learning immediately from anywhere!
  • How long will the videos be available?
    • The class videos are available as long as you have an active subscription with us.
  • Can I skip parts of the videos?
    • Yes of course. The point is that you learn what you need. If you already know a subject well, feel free to skip ahead. Do remember however that to get your KANBAN ACE PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATE you will need to know the material to pass the test. 
  • How difficult is the completion test?
    • The objective of the completion test is that you show us that you have actually watched attentively the classes, if you have, you will do fine. Deming, one of the fathers of Lean said that the point of education is to learn, and we agree fully. The first test is free, and included with your subscription, additional tests carry a fee.


Joseph Hurtado. Founder of AgileLion Institute, Kanban Ace Trainer, and Author of Kanban Ace and Open Kanban. He is a Certified ScrumMaster, and a Certified SAFe SPC. He has over 10 years of experience with Agile Development and IT solutions using Kanban, Crystal, Extreme Programming, Scrum and SAFe. Joseph has led cross-functional teams in the US, Canada, and Europe to deliver software solutions using Kanban and Scrum. He has experience with Portfolio Kanban solutions, Agile Project Management, Enterprise Dashboards, KPI design, Agile Drupal Development, Agile QA, e-commerce and Community Portals. In addition to leading teams, Joseph is an experienced Software Developer who has performed the full Software Development Life Cycle multiple times. He has worked for major companies such as IBM, Network Solutions, Scotiabank and Deluxe Corporation.


  • CERTIFIED KANBAN ACE PRACTITIONER. After you watch all the classes, you are ready to take the Kanban Ace Practitioner test, once you pass it you would become a Certified Kanban Ace Practitioner, it would be a valuable addition to your resume, CV, LinkedIn page, personal blog or website. This is obtained after passing an online test, the certificate shows that you are proficient in the fundamentals of Kanban Ace and can help or participate in any team that uses Kanban. 
  • CERTIFIED KANBAN ACE COACH. This is our highest certification, it shows that you are an Agile and Lean professional able to lead a team, or an organization in their Kanban Ace journey to higher productivity and effectiveness. This is a live class offered worldwide. More information here.

REGISTRATION - Online Video Classes

- Our courses are offered as a yearly subscription, simply select an option below and you will have access to the classes for 12 months since you made your order, each class includes one Certification test.