Become a Certified Kanban Ace. Coach Organizations to Become Agile & Lean. Live Classes Worldwide.

This class is created for those students who have already taken our Kanban Ace classes, but now wish to achieve a higher level of skill and recognition to become a Certified Kanban Ace professional either to advance their level of skill, or to coach organizations to become Agile and Lean.


Certified Kanban Ace professionals are endorsed by AgileLion Institute as people ready to wisely apply the best techniques, principles and values of the Kanban Ace method to deliver value, and improve productivity anywhere.

In addition Certified Kanban Ace professionals have access to a unique blend of tools that make up Agile 2.0, including Open Kanban and the best practices from Agile and Lean.

Unlike other certifications, Certified Kanban Ace professionals do not merely get a grade based on their ability to memorize, or choose the right answer for a multiple-choice test. Our Certification is fully based on a realistic business case from the technology industry. Students must apply and show their skills in a situation that closely resembles a real world Agile project.


Our agenda will include a live Q&A session where we will respond to doubts and practical questions regarding the whole Kanban Ace Course. The class is an hour long, but it may extend further to fully respond to all student questions.

Another key topic is to explain in detail the Kanban Ace Certification Case. To become a Certified Kanban Ace every student must properly solve a real world case. Each case is a project inspired in a key area of Information Technology. Students must apply their knowledge of Kanban Ace practices and techniques, and to show how they would lead their Agile project to success.

Students have one month to present their proposed solutions, during this time they may contact the class coaches to clear any doubts. Students may also review their Kanban Ace material from previous classes such as presentations or videos stored in their Lion Pass membership accounts.

When they are done solving the case, students send their cases for our review. We evaluate each submission. Successful students become Certified Kanban Ace professionals!


If you would like your company to pay for your Kanban Ace class or certification, we can provide you with an invoice before or after the class. Please just fill in the form in our Contact page with the subjest "Request for an Invoice" and we will get back to you soon.


  • Every student who joins this class must have attended our full Kanban Ace certification class. This means either the full 7-hour class, or the three sessions of approximately 2.5 hours each.
  • After attending the Kanban Ace classes, students have one year to sign up for the Certified Kanban Ace professional class.


  • WHEN
    • The next upcoming class is on August 19th, 2017; the next date is October 21st, 2017. The class may last a bit longer to fully answer all questions from students.
    • Worldwide time or GMT is 17:00 hours.
    • Worldwide access anywhere with an Internet connection on your PC, Mac or Tablet. We provide a Live HD video feed for the presentation and the whole QA session.


  • Joseph Hurtado. Kanban Ace Coach, Founder of AgileLion Institute, and Author of Open Kanban. He has over 10 years of experience with Agile Development and IT solutions using Kanban, Crystal, Extreme Programming and Scrum.
  • Annita Yegorova. Certified Kanban Ace professional, Co-Founder of the AgileLion Institute, and contributor to Open Kanban. She has over 5 years experience with Agile Development, IT solutions, DevOps and Drupal solutions.