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This page combines all our blog pages under one link. Here you can find Agile Kanban news, valuable sources, Agile Kanban Tools, as well as Drupal related articles with some valuable tips for Agile Drupal enthusiasts.

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Enjoy your coffee break by reading Agile & Kanban articles, and news on the most interesting topics about: Kanban Ace, SAFe, Scrum, Project Management, leadership, Lean thinking and software development.This blog is also the home of Kanban Ace, as well as the place where we share our main news and announcements.

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Here you can find useful information about Agile Kanban world without even being our student! We share the best resources and our own knowledge for every day work.

Among the resources you will find here are these: The Best Agile Kanban Tools, the Best Startup Tools, the Best Tools for Writers and Developers and Our Book Recommendations for Agile, Kanban, Lean and plain old productivity! 

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Below you can see a list of our SAFe and Kanban Ace training classes. Kanban Ace is an innovative Agile & Lean method that can be applied anywhere, it can even be used to improve Scrum using the Akashi Bridge. See our courses and certification offerings below, we also invite you to read our enthusiastic student testimonials!

Kanban is the second generation of Agile & Lean. Kanban Ace is uniquely... + details

This class is created for those students who have already taken our Kanban Ace... + details

Watch our one-hour Open Kanban Webinar video, and discover the power of Kanban;... + details