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AgileLion Institute is passionate about Kanban education. We are the authors of the Open Kanban method, an Agile and Lean approach to deliver value more effectively using Kanban. And we also offer the Kanban Ace certification. Kanban Ace is the first Open Kanban method, uniquely suited for IT, software development or any innovative business that wants to increase their productivity and effectiveness.

Our courses go beyond theory, we share our real work experience as developers, project managers, UX Leads and product owners who have used Agile Kanban & Kanban Ace to deliver valuable software, websites and IT projects for over a decade. Even today, we continue to use it to deliver value. One example this website was fully developed from concept to launch by us using the Kanban Ace method with a multinational team, it’s mobile ready (using Responsive Design) running on a Cloud architecture.

Our students receive also free of charge access to Lion Pass. It's like a backstage ticket to your education, it brings you full videos from your class, all your class slides, certificates and lots of premium content pieces. Finally unlike other Kanban education providers, you don't have to fly or wait for us to show up in your city, we deliver our classes online, and LIVE worldwide! It's not a video recording, it's a live class with a teacher ready to take your questions anytime. Choose from our Classes below, some are even free!:

Our Upcoming Classes

Watch our one-hour Open Kanban Webinar video, and discover the power of Kanban; the next generation Agile and Lean method that can continuously improve your software development efforts, IT operations or any area of your business.


Our free Kanban Webinar Video will introduce you to Open Kanban, from an Agile perspective. Topics discussed include:

Kanban is the second generation of Agile & Lean. Kanban Ace is the first Open Kanban Method that is uniquely designed to enable you to improve all areas of your Software Development, IT, or Business. Our Kanban Ace class provides you with the latest Agile & Lean knowledge, tools and techniques to take you to the next level of productivity.

Best of all unlike Scrum, Open Kanban and Kanban Ace respect your company’... + Click to Learn More

This class is created for those students who have already taken our Kanban Ace classes, but now wish to achieve a higher level of skill and recognition to become a Certified Kanban Ace professional either to advance their level of skill, or to coach organizations to become Agile and Lean.


Certified Kanban Ace professionals are endorsed by AgileLion Institute as people ready to wisely apply the best techniques, principles and values... + Click to Learn More