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SAFe (or Scaled Agile Framework) is the most important framework to consider for an Agile Transformation at large or medium sized organizations according to many surveys, for that reason having the SAFe Agilist Certification would be quite valuable for your resume.

Kanban Ace is the first Open Kanban Method. Open Kanban is a fully open source Agile & Lean method to improve the productivity of any organization or project. The Kanban Ace Method takes the Open Kanban know-how and practices and adds additional techniques and tools to answer the needs of people in IT, Software Development or business.

Kanban Ace is more than just a methodology; it is a new way to manage a project, or any ongoing business operation. It takes advantage of the latest Agile and Lean knowledge available today, and delivers a better way to manage and organize work. Here are some benefits you will gain by learning it:

  • As a Project Manager you will be able to see and know what is going on in your projects in minutes, not hours. Work will be visible and manageable. No more hours spent trying to manage a project using MS Project or Excel.
  • For developers it will empower you to contribute to the development effort in a visual way, and it will highlight your ideas and input to the team. In addition the Kanban Ace method will ensure a sustainable pace for your efforts.
  • For Architects, Managers and VPs it will allow you to see the big picture of a project or operation, and in addition it will help you improve all of it to make your department, your team more productive and effective.
  • For Entrepreneurs. It allows you to learn faster, and to adapt to the marketplace. Eric Ries, leader of the Lean Startup movement recommends it
  • For Agile Consultants it will allow you to give your customers a fresh Agile & Lean method that is easy to implement, but very powerful. Unlike Scrum, the Kanban Ace method does not need any new roles, or radical changes. Instead Kanban Ace provides a smooth and visual way to improve productivity with a minimum of overhead.

Here are few other advantages of our Kanban Ace training itself:

  • Our students are very happy with the quality of the courses, just read our testimonials!
  • Our classes are delivered online, anywhere in the world.
  • Our classes are live, not recorded, so you can ask questions to the Kanban Ace Coach anytime.
  • Full HD video recordings of every class are made available, so you can review your class anytime.
  • All the presentation slides are given to our students in PDF format.
  • We encourage participation, questions, and we tailor our live class with your input.
  • Our Certificate of Completion. After participating in all your class sessions.

The full schedule of our classes is below, there is even a free option. If you would like to find out more reasons to learn Open Kanban and the Kanban Ace method just click here


If you would like your company to pay for your SAFe Agilist Certification or Kanban Ace class/certification, we can provide you with an invoice before or after the class. Please just fill in the form in our Contact page with the subjest "Request for an Invoice" and we will get back to you soon.

Kanban is the second generation of Agile & Lean. Kanban Ace is uniquely designed to enable you to improve all areas of your Software Development, IT, or Business. Our Kanban Ace class provides you with the latest Agile & Lean knowledge, tools and techniques to take you to the next level of productivity and performance for your team or organization.

Best of all unlike Scrum, Kanban Ace respects your company’s structure and processes, there is no need for new roles or changing... + Click to Learn More

This class is created for those students who have already taken our Kanban Ace classes, but now wish to become a Certified Kanban Ace Coach to advance their level of skill, or to lead organizations to become Agile and Lean.


This is not a recorded class, but a live online class delivered directly to you by the founders of AgileLion Institute using WebEx or a similar technology. It is offered to individuals and also to groups world wide.

Unlike... + Click to Learn More

Watch our one-hour Open Kanban Webinar video, and discover the power of Kanban; the next generation Agile and Lean method that can continuously improve your software development efforts, IT operations or any area of your business.


Our free Kanban Webinar Video will introduce you to Open Kanban, from an Agile perspective. Topics discussed include:

Testimonials from Our Kanban Ace Students

Sunish Chabba Profile Photo

Sunish Chabba, Agile Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Certified Kanban Ace (CKA).

With its innovative approach of online and offline delivery of teaching and coaching Kanban, AgileLion has set an unprecedented example ... Read more



Jon Jorgensen Profile Photo

Jon Jorgensen, CPF, PMP, CSM, SP, CSSBB, Certified Kanban Ace (CKA)

The Kanban Ace class offered by AgileLion is a uniquely insightful opportunity to understand the core elements of Lean, System Thinking ... Read more



Walid Farag - CKA

Walid Farag, Agile in Classic - Hybrid Adoption:, Certified Kanban Ace (CKA).

This Certified Kanban Ace Coach course enabled me to apply Open Kanban and Kanban Ace values and practices intensively. I have never had ... Read more