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Open Kanban in Italian
We want to publicly thank Simone Onofri for his important translation of Open Kanban to Italian! Gracie Mille Simone! Il nostro movimento per un Open Kanban Libero Open Kanban è un movimento che rende a disponibili a tutti i valori e i principi alla base di Kanban. E’ ispirato dall’obiettivo del movimento Open Source: fornire ad utenti e sviluppatori le quattro libertà del software libero. Allo stesso modo, l'obiettivo di Open Kanban è di fornire... + read more
Open Kanban for Open Source World
I want to publicly thank my Co-Founder Annita Yegorova for her great effort in translating Open Kanban to Russian. It is marvelous to be able to reach the Slavic speaking world, thanks so much Annita!  Наше движение на пути к Свободному Open Kanban Open Kanban – это движение, цель которого сделать доступными для всех основные ценности и принципы Kanban. Идея создания Open Kanban была вдохновлена движением Открытого программного обеспечения (ОПО), предоставившего... + read more
Inspired by Tux the Linux Open Source Penguin - Open Kanban
Introduction to Open Kanban Before starting to describe fully Open Kanban on this document, we also wanted to mention that this whole material is now also available as a presentation, and even as free online webinar. We invite you to download the presentation, or attend the free webinar. Of course you can also read the official Open Kanban document below. Moreover if you wish to learn much more, consider our advanced classes of Open Kanban and Kanban Ace checking our schedule here... + read more
What is Kanban? Do we need another name for it. Meanings of Kanban.
What is Kanban? And what can we learn from Open Source? Kanban Success as an Agile and Lean Method Kanban is becoming an important part of Agile Software Development and IT, VersionOne’s authoritative 2013 State of Agile Survey reveals that Kanban has doubled in adoption among the Agile methodologies, and is frequently used as an alternative to Scrum. Kanban’s unique position as the first Ultra Light Method, coupled with it’s powerful knowledge library from it’s... + read more
Agile and Lean Influences - Where did Kanban, Scrum, Scrumban and Lean Startup come from?
The following diagram summarizes in a very quick and visual way where Kanban, Scrum and Lean Startup got their inspiration. It is not just history; it also shows the dual nature of Kanban, the Agile and Lean influences that make it so powerful, and also how Scrum shares some Lean history. Mr. Yasunobu Kawaguchi created the original diagram, and we have updated it with contributions from Agustin Villena and Joseph Hurtado. In particular we added Scrumban to the list, as well as the dates... + read more


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