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Special offer for Kanban Ace November classes
November is the month of two great holidays: Thanksgiving in the US and Hannukah. We would like to thank you for being interested in our company! We decided to join the celebration of these holidays by giving you two 50% scholarships for our November Kanban Ace classes. You just need to fill in the form below before Tuesday, November 12th. After that we will have a draw and two winners will receive a 50% discount on us. Good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Hannukah... + read more
Writing - Fountain pen
Few yearly events inspire me to write more than National Novel Writing Month or Nanowrimo. A global event that motivates writers everywhere to defy the odds and write 50,000 words to deliver a novel in a month. I wanted to seize this opportunity to improve our Open Kanban method documentation, from the current version to one that would enable anyone to start using Open Kanban after reading it. It gives me great pleasure to announce that we are about to start writing the Open Kanban Guide!... + read more
We have great news to share: Kanbanize.com, one of the top five Kanban board software providers worldwide has agreed to be our sponsor for our two October - November classes! Thanks to their support we will be offering two full scholarships for anyone wishing to become a Kanban Ace, for our online classes start on Tuesday October 22nd, and on Thursday October 24th. How do you get the scholarships? Quite simple: just send us a small email with the reasons why you would like to become a Kanban... + read more
Open Kanban Presentation slide
On this presentation AgileLion Institute, and myself introduce you to Open Kanban. The Agile and Lean Method that enables any Software Development team, IT organization or business to improve their productivity and performance. Unlike Scrum, XP or other flavors of Kanban, Open Kanban is an open source method, that is Ultra Light and powerful given it's rich Agile and Lean heritage. We also talk about Kanban Ace, the first Open Kanban Method specifically designed for IT, Software... + read more
Open Kanban for Ukrainian People
Наш рух на шляху до Вільного Open Kanban Open Kanban – це рух, ціль якого зробити доступними для всіх основні цінності та принципи Kanban. Ідею створення Open Kanban нам надихнув рух Відкритого програмного забезпечення (ВПЗ), що надав користувачам та творцям програмного забезпечення 4-ри суттєві привілеї Вільного програмного забезпечення. Подібно до ВПЗ головним завданням Open Kanban (ОК) є надання спільноті Kanban цих чотирьох привілеїв (можливостей) у контексті обміну знаннями... + read more


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