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Open Kanban Horizontal Board - Visualizing Work
Who wouldn’t like to have 3 or 4 more hours in the day? Who wouldn’t like to have their full to-do list done in a day! Like so many others, I also dreamed of a time when I would feel the great satisfaction of crossing all my to-dos off my list. This however didn’t happen often, and the few times it did, it was a bittersweet victory, in order to have victory at work, usually my personal life would suffer. Wouldn’t an extra hours in the day work to accomplish the miracle... + read more
French airplanes
We want to publicly thank Christophe Keromen and Olivier Destrade for their important translation of Open Kanban into French! Merci Beaucoup Chistophe et Olivier! Notre mouvement pour un Kanban Libre et Ouvert Open Kanban est un mouvement visant à mettre les valeurs fondamentales et les principes de Kanban à disposition de tous. Il s'inspire du mouvement Open Source dont l'objectif est de donner aux utilisateurs de logiciel et aux développeurs les quatre libert... + read more
Aviation Ace and His Family
“The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul.” ~ Walter Raleigh “You should not have any special fondness for a particular weapon, or anything else, for that matter.” ― Miyamoto Musashi Agile Pilots: Kanban and Scrum Few people know more about flying an airplane than professional pilots, especially those who fly people all over the world every day. As the son of a pilot, I was in a cockpit with my father as young as four or five years old.... + read more
Poll results. How People Use Kanban
At the beginning of this year we conducted a poll entitled: "How Do You Use Kanban". The purpose was to find out how people use Kanban in real life at work and beyond. These were the options we provided: To Manage Software Development Efforts To Manage IT Operations / System Support To Manage QA Process To Run Whole IT Department To Run Product Management Area To Manage Lean Startup Efforts To Manage My Personal Projects and ToDos To... + read more
Open Kanban in 5 Minutes Image
Frequently people who are interested in Kanban feel a bit overwhelmed by the information available. For them we have created this Quick Guide than can be read in five minutes and put to work almost immediately. Just follow these steps to start your Open Kanban journey: Embrace the Agile and Lean Values. Being Agile, or Lean is more than a toolset, or a method, it’s a way of doing things, a mindset. These five values will inspire your actions accordingly: Respect people.... + read more


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