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Two years ago Annita and I launched AgileLion Institute. Our dream was to create an innovative, people friendly method to manage and deliver work. Since then many things have happened, and as we celebrate we wanted to remember what has been achieved so far: We created Open Kanban, an open source, Agile and Lean approach to manage work that is minimalistic, and easy to understand, we call it Ultra Light We also created the Kanban Ace Method, an extension to the Open Kanban method... + read more
Open Kanban article on InfoQ
We are very grateful to the people at InfoQ especially Floyd Marinescu a good friend and fellow Canadian; and also to Shane Hastie a great Agile fellow and editor for helping us to deliver a quality article for InfoQ's IT and Software Development audience. Open Kanban embraces freedom and innovation, and actually it is an Agile and Lean method that is open source and welcomes contributions, now translated to several languages. I encourage you to read the article on InfoQ, here is a brief... + read more
We would like to publicly thank Federico Varchavsky for his important translation of our Open Kanban into Spanish! Muchas gracias a Federico! Nuestro movimiento por un Open Kanban libre Open Kanban es un movimiento para poner a disposición de todos los valores y principios de Kanban. Inspirado por el movimiento de Código Abierto (Open Source) cuyo fin es dar a los usuarios de software y desarrolladores las cuatro libertades fundamentales del software libre. De la misma... + read more
Esquadrilha_da_Fumaça_60_anos_copyright_Daniel Castanho
We would like to publicly thank Rodrigo Silva Pinto for his important translation of our Open Kanban into Portuguese! Muito obrigado a Rodrigo! Nosso Movimento por um Open Kanban Livre Open Kanban é um movimento para tornar os valores fundamentais e os princípios do Kanban disponíveis para todos. É inspirado no movimento Software Livre cujo objetivo de dar aos usuários e desenvolvedores de software as quatro liberdades essenciais da software livre. Da... + read more
Lock and Security in SSL - By M. Thierry
Overview of the Problem As it’s been widely reported in the news a security bug found in over 500,000 websites online has compromised SSL security. SSL is the way websites ensure your credit card transactions, or passwords used to login to web services are kept secure. Websites that are Safe Among the notables that have not been affected are: Twitter.com, LinkedIn.com, Amazon.com, VK.com, Reddit.com, Microsoft / Hotmail / Outlook, AOL, Walmart, Evernote and Paypal.com. Most banks... + read more


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