Success and Proper Timing Go Hand in Hand

“Success and proper timing go hand in hand. In war, in love, in business those that act at the right time win. And yes that also takes guts!”

By Joseph Hurtado

Two challenges however will face you on your road to action: Confusion and Fear. The first one makes it difficult to see the signs and recognize the trends or discern the truth; the latter stops you cold, with images of defeat.

Wisdom says be brave and notice the signs! First listen to your heart and then act in faith! Signs will never be crystal clear, but they should be enough to give you peace to move forward. Prayer helps too, since it brings you knowledge from above, from the one who truly knows and cares about all of us, if your desires are righteous God shall help you.

Finally, remember even if you were wrong, you are one step ahead of everyone else, you took a step forward. Persevere, you shall find victory!

InspirationJoshua 1Ecclesiastes 3.

PhotoErin M.