Reader’s Choice - Our Best Agile, Kanban & Lean Articles of 2013

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2013 has been a remarkable year for AgileLion Institute, we launched on 17th of May with the firm belief that Agile Kanban was a great alternative to Scrum, XP or any other Agile method. Why? Because of it’s power and simplicity.

Our pragmatic approach to Kanban, and our belief that it is the people who decide how to use any method, led us to create Open Kanban the first Agile and Lean method that is fully open source; and Kanban Ace the first Open Kanban method that aims to fulfill the needs of IT and business through several techniques focused on productivity. Both methods enable any team, organization or individual to create maximum value with a minimum of method overhead.

Below are the top 5 articles chosen by you, the people we want to help be more productive and Agile so that their teams are happier, their business is more successful, and their life is more rewarding.

Number 5 - What is Kanban?

This article explains the complex situation going on inside the Kanban ecosystem now, and the need for a more Open, IT friendly and people friendly Kanban that is both Agile and Lean.

Number 4 - Where did Kanban, Scrum and Lean Startup come from?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and truly this diagram shows clearly how Kanban, Scrum, Lean Startup and even Agile and Lean relate to each other.

Number 3 - Agile Planning using MAP Minimum Actionable Planning

Frequently some Agile practitioners emphasize that planning is not needed, or even welcome in an Agile organization. This is actually not true, and a stumbling block for many. Of course we still need planning, but we must make the planning effort minimal, actionable and valuable. MAP is a Kanban Ace technique that guides on how to actually do Agile Planning.

Number 2 - Agile 2.0 Embracing Lean & the Rise of Ultra Light Methods

Over 12 years after the Agile manifesto we realize that the world is still not Agile, furthermore many Agile methods have become even more heavy, and complex instead of simple and Agile. Is there a better way? We are sure there is, and here we explain how to get to a leaner more effective Agile today, we call this Agile 2.0.

Number 1 - Open Kanban: an Open Source, Ultra Light, Agile & Lean method

Agile 2.0 (the previous article) called for the creation of much lighter, much more effective Agile & Lean methods. Open Kanban is our response to this need, a method that is powerful, simple and effective. In just 5 values and 4 practices you can find a treasure chest of productivity. And if you want to go beyond it, Kanban Ace is there to help you in business or IT.

Our Thanks and Our Outlook for 2014

We are grateful to the people who helped us in 2013, especially to those who translated Open Kanban to other languages, first thanks go to our co-founder Annita Yegorova for her translation to Russian and Ukrainian, and second to our valued volunteer Simoni Onofri who contributed the Italian translation. We hope to have many more translations in 2014, and invite anyone interested with helping us contact us anytime.

Thanks also to Kanbanize for being the first Kanban software provider to sponsor us, we hope to have many more sponsors this 2014 and are preparing a new sponsorship package. Contact us for more information.

To anyone interested in learning more about Open Kanban we offer a free on demand webinar here, and our advanced Kanban Ace training is available on demand, anywhere anytime.

Finally we wanted to say thanks also to all our students, thousands of visitors, and to all the Agile and Lean professionals who have contributed with their ideas and support. We have many plans for 2014, including a Certified Kanban Ace Trainer offering, a Registered Education Partner Program and much more. So visit us often or subscribe to our mailing list!

Joseph Hurtado & Annita Yegorova
AgileLion Institute Team