Kanbanize.com is a Kanban Ace Sponsor - Two Scholarships!


We have great news to share: Kanbanize.com, one of the top five Kanban board software providers worldwide has agreed to be our sponsor for our two October - November classes!

Thanks to their support we will be offering two full scholarships for anyone wishing to become a Kanban Ace, for our online classes start on Tuesday October 22nd, and on Thursday October 24th.

How do you get the scholarships? Quite simple: just send us a small email with the reasons why you would like to become a Kanban Ace. Add your full name, email address, job title and location. During the weekend we will review all applicants, and the best two submissions will get a full scholarship! Email us at askus at agilelion dot com, or contact us via our contact page form.

What are the criteria for selection? First we want to support those who really need the training but cannot afford it, second anyone who supports an Open Source project, and finally all members of a Startup, so make sure to mention the reasons why we should choose you.