Improving Scrum with the Kanban-Ace Framework. Our InfoQ Article.

Kanban-Ace Framework Akashi Bridge

We are quite grateful to the good folks at InfoQ for giving us the opportunity to share a major part of the upcoming Kanban-Ace Framework on their website. The article introduces several key ideas:

  • What is Kanban today, particularly Kanban Classic. The growing work of Corey Ladas, Al Shalloway, Henrik Kniberg, and us at AgileLion.
  • A good introduction to Kanban-Ace, particularly for how the boards work, and the advantages they bring to Scrum
  • And finally the Akashi Bridge, a brand new that is part of the upcoming Kanban Ace Framework, which welcomes Scrum practitioners into Kanban-Ace Framework, bringing with them the best of Scrum to Kanban.

We invite you to read the full article as a high quality printable PDF on our website here or you can read the orginal on InfoQ's website.