Improving Scrum with the Kanban-Ace Framework. Our InfoQ Article.

Kanban-Ace Framework Akashi Bridge

We are quite grateful to the good folks at InfoQ for giving us the opportunity to share a major part of the upcoming Kanban-Ace Framework on their website. The article introduces several key ideas:

  • What is Kanban today, particularly Kanban Classic. The growing work of Corey Ladas, Al Shalloway, Henrik Kniberg, and us at AgileLion.
  • A good introduction to Kanban-Ace, particularly for how the boards work, and the advantages they bring to Scrum
  • And finally the Akashi Bridge, a brand new that is part of the upcoming Kanban Ace Framework, which welcomes Scrum practitioners into Kanban-Ace Framework, bringing with them the best of Scrum to Kanban.

We invite you to read the full article on InfoQ's website, or if you prefer to print it we have prepared a special PDF for you here.

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