How People Use Kanban

Poll results. How People Use Kanban

At the beginning of this year we conducted a poll entitled: "How Do You Use Kanban". The purpose was to find out how people use Kanban in real life at work and beyond.

These were the options we provided:

  • To Manage Software Development Efforts
  • To Manage IT Operations / System Support
  • To Manage QA Process
  • To Run Whole IT Department
  • To Run Product Management Area
  • To Manage Lean Startup Efforts
  • To Manage My Personal Projects and ToDos
  • To Improve Scrum method
  • Other, please specify

We have gathered answers from all over the world, in total we got 38 responses, and we are happy to report our findings. The top use cases for Kanban were three: 

  1. To Manage Software Development Efforts: 32%
  2. To Manage Personal Productivity: 21%
  3. To Run Product Management Area: 11%
So it seems we were right when we tailored the Kanban Ace method for IT, Software Development and business: 74% of use cases for Kanban fall within those areas!
In addition you can use the simpler Open Kanban for your personal projects, or you could also consider Personal Kanban.
How about you, how do you use Kanban? Use our comments to answer!