HeartBleed Security Issue - Should I change my Password?

Lock and Security in SSL - By M. Thierry

Overview of the Problem

As it’s been widely reported in the news a security bug found in over 500,000 websites online has compromised SSL security. SSL is the way websites ensure your credit card transactions, or passwords used to login to web services are kept secure.

Websites that are Safe

Among the notables that have not been affected are: Twitter.com, LinkedIn.com, Amazon.com, VK.com, Reddit.com, Microsoft / Hotmail / Outlook, AOL, Walmart, Evernote and Paypal.com. Most banks and financial institutions seem not to be affected, but it would be best if you check with your own bank.

At AgileLion we care a lot about your security and we have not been affected either. We have one single partner to process credit card transactions: Paypal.com and as previously mentioned they have not been affected by this security bug. You can safely order from us any of our Kanban Ace classes, discover the power of Kanban, and learn how to use it to improve all areas of your business, software development, IT or even personal productivity.

Websites Affected by the Security Issue

As a public service to all our customers and visitors online we have decided to share with you a list of the major websites that have been affected:

Top 21 Major Websites Affected by Heartbleed Security Bug - Change your Passwords

  1. 500px.com
  2. Amazon Web Services or AWS (they power thousands of small and medium websites such as Heroku.com)
  3. Dropbox.com
  4. DuckDuckGo.com
  5. Facebook.com
  6. Flickr.com
  7. Github.com
  8. Gmail.com
  9. GoDaddy.com
  10. Google.com
  11. Google Plus
  12. Google Wallet and Google Play
  13. Instagram.com
  14. Pinterest.com
  15. Soundcloud.com
  16. SteamCommunity.com
  17. Tumblr.com
  18. TurboTax from Intuit
  19. Yahoo.com
  20. Yahoo Mail
  21. Youtube.com

Other Websites Affected - How to Find Out?

Outside of this major list you can use this service provided by Flippo.io to check if your website is affected. Or see this large lists maintained at GitHub. Be safe, change those passwords.