Celebrating 3 Years of Kanban Ace Training Online!

This week at AgileLion Institute we celebrate our third anniversary! Since 2013 we have offered high quality online Kanban training, and certification available anytime, anywhere.

What makes our Kanban training unique however is not the online availability, but the Kanban Ace method itself. Unlike other options in the market, Kanban Ace is an Agile and Lean method that is close to the needs of software developers, project managers, IT executives, and innovators anywhere. Our method also welcomes people from other Agile methods, particularly from Scrum, offering a strong toolset regarding planning, execution, continuous delivery and technical practices.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, take our free webinar to get an idea of what we offer, or take advantage of a special 33% discount this month on all our classes to discover the power of the Kanban Ace method. Just use the coupon code CELEBRATING3YRS to get the discount. Click this link to see our upcoming classes: http://bit.ly/KanbanClasses

Finally, thanks to all the Agile and Lean professionals who continue to support us, and use the Kanban Ace method in their business, non-profit or personal life. Anna and I are grateful for your support.

Joseph Hurtado & Anna Yegorova
Founders AgileLion Institute