Activity vs Accomplishment

Do not confuse activity with accomplishment… [you must engage in] specific, clearly identifiable objectives, you gotta have goals!

You will never make it as a wondering generality, you must become a meaningful specific.

A goal properly set is halfway reached.

By Zig Ziglar.

All of us have experienced how time escapes from our hands, and literally disappears from sight. Why? Because when there is a lack of goals with their associated target dates, and action plans we live hour after hour doing things, the problem is we accomplish very little.

People without goals sail the ocean of time without a compass or a map. We travel to nowhere land, but feel very busy. In the process we get distracted by the sights, the boat and the people we meet in the ocean. No wonder time seems to disappear!

Realize goals are not dreams. Yes we need dreams, they are the visions, the inspirations that motivate us to sail. But without goals our cherished dreams will never materialize. Remember the time to start is always now.

In Project Management this comes naturally: make a plan, set key milestones and dates, break process into meaningful phases, identify roadblocks and account for them, do proper risk management, etc. Guess what: those skills and best practices help with your daily life too!