AgileLion Institute

We are an innovative Kanban Education company, whose vision is to bring the best training of Agile Kanban to people and companies so that they reach higher levels of productivity, morale and performance. Learn Open Kanban and the Kanban Ace Method with our innovative classes: anywhere, anytime.

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Lion Pass

Lion Pass is a unique advantage of our Agile Kanban workshops for our students. Imagine having all your material from your class, plus valuable extras at your fingertips forever. No heavy  binders to lug around. There is much more, check it out!

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About Us

AgileLion Institute was created by a small group of passionate people who want to share their vision of happier, more productive people at work through Kanban Ace, and great software!

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Our Upcoming Training Classes

Below you can see a list of our Kanban Ace training workshops and classes. Kanban Ace is the first Open Kanban Method. Open Kanban is a fully open source Agile & Lean method to improve the productivity of any organization or project. See our class schedule here, and read our enthusiastic student testimonials!

Watch our one-hour Open Kanban Webinar video, and discover the power of Kanban; the next generation Agile and Lean method that can continuously improve your software... + details

Kanban is the second generation of Agile & Lean. Kanban Ace is the first Open Kanban Method that is uniquely designed to enable you to improve all areas of your... + details

This class is created for those students who have already taken our Kanban Ace classes, but now wish to achieve a higher level of skill and recognition to become a ... + details

Our Agile Inspiration

These are the organizations and companies that inspire us to deliver the best Kanban Ace training, and best Agile Development services we can offer. Thanks to all of them.

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